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I went to get the money back from a dude who owned me and I found he didn’t live there anymore. A hot young babe opened the door and explained she didn’t know herself where her boyfriend had gone and it seemed the guy was a scared little pussy. I got pissed off and was on my way out when suddenly Melanie Rios stopped me and told me the best way to take my back was if I fucked her. She looked so sexy, a cute 18 year-old fresh girl in a need of a real man, real cock. She grabbed mine and placed in between her hard thighs. She hasn’t had a big bat like mine to drool on, so I saw in her eyes she got hot and didn’t care anymore about her loser boyfriend. I covered her pretty face with my cum and told her to give Johnny a nice big hug from me.

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Hi guys, this is the first scene I made for Fucked Hard 18 , I am sure you will have as much fun as I did :)

I found an ad for a free massage. I’ve always dreamt of having one, but somehow never had an occasion, so this time I gave it a try. I got to the studio, Jake the massager, told me to take off my clothes. Thought it was strange, but when he started massaging me I knew exactly what was going to happen next… I knew Melanie Rios will get fucked hard in the ass! Click Here for more